The Brace Express


The BRACE EXPRESS operates on a rotation to most of the area schools for both our Reno and Clarion offices (see bottom of page to see if your school is on our list). Each school is serviced on a particular day with a maximum of seven students scheduled together. Students are at our office for approximately 30 minutes. Parents enjoy the convenience of not having to leave work and students enjoy coming with their friends.





In order for the BRACE EXPRESS to operate smoothly, we ask that the following guidelines be followed:

  1. Patients and parents/guardians must complete our REQUEST FOR BRACE EXPRESS TRANSPORTATION FORM and return it to our office in advance of the service being utilized. If the patient will be attending the same school during the entire estimated treatment time, please complete the form to include all years of treatment.
  2. If your child is absent from school the day they are to ride the BRACE EXPRESS please call our office that morning so we can inform the driver.
  3. If there is a school delay or cancellation, you will be responsible to bring your child to the scheduled appointment time or please call to reschedule their appointment.
  4. Schools require a parent to write an excuse informing them that your child will be riding the BRACE EXPRESS that day. Please allow enough time on the excuse for child to stop by their locker and then to the designated area. The driver waits 5 MINUTES ONLY in order to stay on schedule.
  5. The BRACE EXPRESS is designed for short, regular appointments only. For lengthy appointments, or if there are loose/broken braces, we ask that the child be brought to the appointment by a different means of transportation if during school hours.




The BRACE EXPRESS goes to and from most schools in your area.  Check out our list of schools to see if your school is on the list.  If not, please call us and we will connect with your school to get you On The Bus!


Venango and Crawford County Schools – Reno Office

Franklin High School

Central Elementary School

Sandy Creek Elementary School

Saint Patrick’s Elementary School

Rocky Grove Junior/Senior High School

Sugar Creek Elementary School

Oil City High School

Oil City Middle and Elementary School

Saint Stephen’s Elementary School

Venango Catholic Junior and Senior High School

Cranberry High School

Cranberry Elementary School

Christian Life Academy

Titusville Junior and Senior High School

AC Valley High School

West Forest High School


Clarion and Forest County Schools – Clarion Office

Clarion – Limestone High School

Clarion – Limestone Elementary School

Brookville High School

Brookville Elementary School

Redbank Valley School District

North Clarion School District

Keystone High School

Keystone Elementary School

East Forest School District

Union School District